What is indices trading and who provides this?

 Indices trading in India before understanding it one should know that what indices is how one can do trade in indices? Indices mean index which means a group of stocks. People use to trade in indices as they are a group of stocks whether investing in all stocks they prefer to trade in indices. 

Let me take an example for your better understanding – In the stock market of India there are two names which are well-known NSE and BSE. Do you know what they do and how they matter? 

NSE (National stock exchange) means an exchange that has listed a lot of companies apart from that NSE and BSE (Bombay Stock exchange ) has NIFTY and SENSEX respectively. 

NIFTY is a group of top 50 stocks and SENSEX is the group of top 30 stocks. People use to do trade in NIFTY and SENSEX. The price of that is very when the group of stocks gets affected by profit and loss. Suppose the SENSEX achieves a high increase which means the 30 stocks perform better similarly with the NIFTY. There are so many indices listed in the Stock exchange like Bank NIFTY, Small Cap, etc.

How to calculate these indices value – For calculating the human development there is an index of human development index and for calculating inflation level there is an index of the consumer price index. Similarly, for calculating the Indices of the stock market there is a formula – 

Value of indices – Free float value of indices / Base value of indices x Base index value.

This is how one can get to know the value of their indices.

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