Forex Trading Registration For individual investors who are going to make Forex trading

So-called Forex Margin Trading (from now on referred to as “FX Trading”) involves the risk of incurring a large amount of loss because it is possible to carry out a large amount of trading with a small number of funds.

Therefore, when trying to start Forex trading or Forex Trading Registration, if you understand the trading mechanism, thoroughly study the risks associated with trading, and judge that it is suitable in light of your financial resources, trading experience, trading purpose, etc. It is essential to do Forex Trading Registration at your own risk. In that case, you need to pay sufficient attention to the setting of the investment amount and the selection of the currency to be traded.

The Financial Futures Trading Law was amended in July 2005. The traders who handle FX trading (from now on referred to as “FX traders”) are positioned as financial futures traders, and many FX traders are financial futures. I have been registered as a trading business, but the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act came into effect in September 2007, and I am now registered under the Act.

Corporations registered under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and engage in financial futures trading business (including business-related to FX trading) are, in principle, qualified to become members of the Association, so basically, they are members of the Board of Directors. You can become a member after receiving membership approval. 

Still, each corporation has various financial statuses, transaction records, personal composition, etc. When you try to start Forex trading or intend for a Forex Trading Registration, you must make an appropriate decision on selecting a trader after fully understanding the creditworthiness.

The Financial Instruments and Exchange Act stipulates, for example, the following acts as prohibited acts by financial instruments and exchange companies.

  • The Act of telling a customer falsehood regarding the conclusion of a financial futures contract or its solicitation
  • The Act of soliciting the conclusion of financial futures trading contracts by providing customers with affirmative judgments such as “always profitable” and “strong yen (weak yen)”.
  • The Act of soliciting the conclusion of a contract (so-called “uninvited solicitation”) by visiting or calling a customer who has not requested the solicitation to conclude a contract for over-the-counter financial futures trading.
  • Before soliciting a contract for financial futures trading, the Act of soliciting a customer without confirming whether or not they intend to accept the solicitation.
  • An act of continuing the solicitation even though the customer has been solicited to conclude a contract for financial futures trading has indicated his intention not to terminate the agreement

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When such a solicitation is received from a member of the Association, promptly contact the window of the specified non-profit organization “Securities and Financial Products Mediation Consultation Center (FINMAC)”, which the Association entrusts with grievance processing and mediation business.

Some FX traders use software or systems that automatically perform Forex Trading Registration (from now on referred to as “automatic trading software, etc.”) to perform transactions (from now on referred to as “system trading”) as a service. 

But some are providing, for even such a system trade, as well as to understand the transaction mechanism, on which was enough research about the risks associated with the transaction, it is vital to perform at your own risk.

In addition to the software provided by FX trading companies as described above, there are many automatic trading software on the market, regardless of whether they are paid or free of charge. Some of them can be easily obtained on the Internet, etc. 

You must avoid using it efficiently without thoroughly checking the contents of the software and the seller. Please note that the purchase of automatic trading software may lead to transactions with unregistered overseas dealers in some cases, causing trouble.

In addition, many Forex trading companies do not allow the use of automatic trading software, so please read the terms and conditions of the Forex trading company you will trade in advance and check carefully.

To prevent unauthorized access and withdrawal in Internet transactions, each member company must improve the security level of the Internet transaction system provided by each member company. 

We have established “Guidelines for Preventing Unauthorized Access in Internet Transactions” that summarizes various security measures. (For an overview of the guidelines, please see the link below.)

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