Have you ever done Forex Trading Online?

Forex Trading Online (foreign exchange margin trading) is “a transaction that buys and sells foreign currencies, buys and sells with Indian Rs, etc., and obtains the margin”.

Buy and sell according to fluctuations in the exchange rate between the Indian Rs and the dollar, and use the difference as a profit. There is a mechanism to automatically buy and sell using a dedicated tool on a computer in this Forex Trading Online.

However, to use the dedicated tool, it is necessary to keep the computer running at all times, which costs electricity and other costs. Therefore, the VPS introduced this time is convenient. What is automatic Forex trading? Currency exchange rates fluctuate from moment to moment.

Forex Trading Online, which requires trading according to rate fluctuations, is becoming more common. Here, I will explain Forex Trading Online and automatic trading.

What is Forex Trading Online

When exchanging one country’s currency for another country’s currency, such as the Indian Rs and the US dollar, it is bought and sold based on the exchange rate.

At that time, for example, if you change from yen to dollar at “1 dollar = 100 yen” and change from dollar to yen at “1 dollar = 110 yen”, the difference of 10 yen will be the profit. A transaction that obtains a profit on currency trading due to such fluctuations in exchange rates is called FX trading.

What Is Forex Trading Online Automatic Trading?

The exchange rate changes every day and every hour. In addition, it may change rapidly compared to stocks. In addition, in Forex, it is common to trade several times the margin called leverage trading. With double leverage, you can trade 2 million yen even with a margin of 1 million yen.

For this reason, there are cases where a large amount of profit or loss will occur if you do not buy or sell the property. For this reason, there are many cases where automatic trading by software etc., is used in Forex.

It is possible to perform risk hedging such as selling (loss cut) before a significant loss occurs by automatically buying and selling based on the preset contents while looking at the exchange rate.

Advantages of using VPS for automatic Forex trading

Recently, VPS has been increasingly used for automatic trading with Forex.

  • This has the following benefits:
  • Costs such as electricity bills do not increase even if it is started
  • You can keep it running more stably than your home computer
  • No need to maintain hardware etc. by yourself
  • You can select a server with specifications that match FX
  • You can also use VPS services dedicated to FX

In other words, there are various advantages to using a VPS compared to using a home computer.

What is the goodness of VPS specialized in FX?

Forex trading is a particular purpose of VPS, such as being always up and requiring a high-speed network, even for personal use.

Some hosters offer dedicated VPS to these Forex users. Unfortunately, the Win server has not yet provided it as a service, but we are currently preparing to start feeding it.

In Forex dedicated VPS, not only the above requirements are firmly held, but also forex4money etc., are provided in a state where the environment and settings for trading are prepared.

Therefore, it eliminates the need to install and configure a forex trading platform for automatic transactions. Still, it also has the great advantage of using the one that meets the appropriate hardware requirements for using the forex trading platform.

If you will start automatic Forex trading or switch servers, it is good to choose such a VPS dedicated to Forex. 

Do you have experience in automatic Forex trading?

As the long-term economic downturn continues and salary income does not rise, FX is becoming more popular as one of the ways to earn unearned income.

When trading with Forex usually, it is often done manually from a smartphone or a personal computer. Still, automatic trading tools such as MT4 are indispensable when it comes to continuous and automated trading.

VPS is convenient for using an automatic trading tool that always starts and repeats automated trading.

Each company also provides services such as dedicated VPS for automatic FX trading. These dedicated VPSs not only have the characteristics of VPS such as “good cost performance”, “stability”, and “high-speed network”, but also have many merits, such as the introduction of automatic trading tools. If you want to do automated Forex trading from now on or on your home computer, why not consider using VPS. 

FX (Foreign Exchange Margin Trading) is attractive because it is leveraged, and you can make significant transactions with a small number of funds. It is popular both as a pocket money earner and as a full-scale investment target.

It is such a popular Forex, but if you make a profit, you need to file a tax return firmly. Of course, not all people doing Forex need to file a tax return, but there are cases where even if there is no profit, you can make a profit by filing a tax return, so please check it out.

Profit earned by FX is classified into miscellaneous income related to futures trading and is taxed at a flat rate of 20%, with an income tax of 15% + local tax of 5%. This is a separate tax return. Individual taxation is a method of calculating and paying the tax amount separately from other income.

However, during the period from January 1, 2013, to December 31, 2037, the amount of income tax will be based on the “Act on Special Measures Concerning Securing Financial Resources Necessary for Implementing Measures for Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake”. A special reconstruction income tax of 02.3151% will be levied on this.

Therefore, the tax rate during the period mentioned above will be 20.315%. Generally, you do not need to file a tax return if you have no profit. However, receive a carry-forward deduction. You can offset the loss that occurred in that year with the gain of over-the-counter FX and futures trading on the exchange for three years from the following year, and you can reduce the tax payment amount in the year when you made a profit. I can do it.

If you want to receive this deduction, you must file your tax return in the year of loss and continue to file your tax return the following year.

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