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Forex Market Review, Difference between Robot Trading vs. Human Trading

Forex Market Review, Difference Between Robot Trading vs Human Trading: Almost every operation in the world has been automated so far, and forex trading is no exception.

Robots are widely applied in trading, and human trading is almost obsolete. However, that does not mean that the human transaction was sent to the parking lot. Traders are actually for themselves rather than involving trade bots.

The controversy centered around robotic trading against human trading must have sparked this heated debate – who will actually win more profit trading? Robot or human traders? 

Forex Market Review regarding Robot trading

Robot Trading trades on your trading platform to run external software on your behalf.

Here, your only task is to connect the software or bot to the meta, wait for the profits to come out, even on Trader 4 or 5 or web platforms.

Launched bots perform analysis, spot signals, placement trades, and exit accordingly. Robot trading, also known as automated trading, is the automation of trading.

Strengths Robot trading includes

Speed: These programs run trade Find entry signals immediately, without unnecessary delay. This makes it faster than humans. The trader monitors only XNUMX assets and is investigating and deploying signals trade across almost all asset classes. 

Ruthless – an emotional machine? You haven’t seen it, right? Exactly, and so trading robots have no emotions and do not succumb to the excitement, anger, fear, revenge, and other emotions that overcome humans traders. That is, the bot always does what is wired and does not deviate from emotional confusion.

Forex Market Review, Difference between Robot Trading vs. Human Trading

Discipline: If the bot is designed to detect a particular entry signal, it will definitely be executed trade only meet that particular criterion. This means that the robot can stick to a particular strategy without deviating, which makes the robot more disciplined than humans trade sometimes can deviate from the system rs.

Relentless: This is software for heaven! It will not be exhausted at any time unless a failure occurs. Where there are humans, the trader can only pay attention for a few hours a day on the XNUMX trade, and robots operate 24 hours without stopping for breaks and breaks. You can imagine the magnitude of the profits you will get from bot trading. Of course, if it’s legal.

Robots take the place of humans traders – With bots, you don’t have to stick to the screen all day long. 

Human trading

Human trade, on the other hand, is a trade made by a human trader, you. There is no software built into the trading platform, only you and your brain. 

You perform analysis, spot signals, places trades, and accordingly, finish yourself without the assistance of the machine. 

Now the strengths human trader happens to be real weaknesses of robot trading. Find them:

Forex Market Review, Difference between Robot Trading vs. Human Trading

Human traders can monitor a variety of data – from news to technical analysis, and these are human traders who can monitor extensively. 

Robots don’t know anything like news released in the last hour, but humans can record it and make changes in trade, depending on whether it’s the current exit trades or new placement trades in the direction of news events. 

If the market is also dynamic, and the bot can’t find fluctuations, human traders can conveniently do so.

Human trading is flexible: if your trading system breaks down or breaks down, you can modify it to your liking. However, this is not the case with bots. 

The stiffness is maintained as designed, and if it fails, the loopholes cannot be instructed to upgrade and fix, so only a loss is expected. You can learn new things as a human trader bot can’t.

Humans know when to stop: human traders know when the market behaves strangely and can take breaks to reason and make comeback strategies. In addition, human traders have sufficient profits or losses and know when to quit trading, so they do not endanger their capital with over-trading.

Who will win more profitable deals? Robot or human

All other bot trading strengths are aimed at more profits, but most of the human trading strengths do not touch profits.

In fact, most of them tell us how human beings traders minimize their chances of making a profit. It should talk about who really has a better chance of winning.

The software runs 24 hours a day, which gives it an edge over humans. trade XNUMX days hours.

Forex Market Review, Difference between Robot Trading vs. Human Trading

The program can deploy hundreds to thousands of trades on the go, compared to humans who can only manage one to a few people on the go.

A machine that is emotionless and maintains discipline in a proven strategy. Human trade, On the other hand, rs can succumb to emotions.

So, according to these findings, who will get the most out of the market?

You can clearly see that robots have the advantage of being faster, less tired and emotionless than humans trader.

If you ask me, it’s the hell of the right card under the sleeve. The robot wins.


Beware of scammers and fake robot sellers as much as robots make the most profits. Test your bot thoroughly before using it live. Real robots have good performance and can give better results.

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